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Jibe SDK Version:
  • Two Android devices (V2.2 and above)
  • Two phone numbers for your two users (Alice and Bob) where you can receive SMS
  • NB If one of your two Android devices is a tablet, you will still need a second phone number to "pair" with the tablet
  • Create a Bob contact with his phone number in Alice's address book and vice versa
  • Create your Jibe app and get a Jibe App-ID and App-Secret from the Applications page
  • Update your AndroidManifest.xml with the Android package name you entered when creating your app and also update the App-Id there
  • Update the App-Id and App-Secret inside your application code
  • Whitelist your two phone numbers for development on the Device page
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Quickstart Guide (NEW)

How to build your first Android app with the Jibe SDK  (UPDATED)

SDK Package
API Docs View API Docs for Jibe's Android SDK
Release Notes

New in (Feb 28, 2013)

  • Audio/Video
    • Further improvements to audio & video quality
  • General
    • Updates to work with latest Arena Player on Google Play which now features "invite to game" and several bug fixes

New in (Jan 15, 2013)

  • Video
    • Improved video quality and incl. bitrate and framerate adaptation in poor network conditions
  • Audio
    • Handsfree mode is now supported on most Android devices.
    • Improved quality of software echo cancellation incl. self-calibration and auto re-tuning during the call duration.
  • Tablets
    • Fixed crashes during sign-up on Wifi-only tablets (e.g. Galaxy Tab 10)
  • General
    • Improved connection stability
    • Status bar notification is now configurable and off by default.

New in

  • Video
    • Improved performance and faster startup
  • Tablets
    • Various bugfixes for the Nexus 7
  • General
    • Many stability enhancements & bugfixes
    • Launcher icon is now visible as "Arena Settings"

New in

  • Video
    • For improved video quality, the video engine has been optimized in Arena to support dynamic bit-rate adaptation for H.264 video. The default video resolution is now 240 x 320 (QVGA) at 15 frames per second; bit-rate range from 64 to 192kbps.
    • CameraMediaSource moved to
    • Received video is now rendered directly to a SurfaceView
    • Known Issues
      • Grey "veil" and green artifacts sometimes seen intermittently under poor network conditions with high packet loss.
  • Audio
    • Dynamic bit-rate adaptation for audio (AMR and AMR-WB)

Since preview release:

  • Network connectivity fixes - esp. for 4G/LTE/WiMax on US networks
  • Video sending/encoding not working on some Android 2.x devices
  • Other minor fixes

Since previous stable (

  • Improved structure of high-level APIs (jibe.sdk.client.simple.*) based on feedback from developers to allow recycling of objects and better alignment with Android Activity lifecycle
  • New simple APIs for checking the current Jibe connection state and retrieving user profile information (jibe.sdk.client.simple.myprofile)
  • More robust sample application featuring a data session + live 2-way video + Jibe Arena integration (see ViewMe demo app)
  • More robust connectivity when devices go into sleep mode
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Created new developer guide