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Jibe SDK Version:
  • Two Android devices (V2.2 and above)
  • Two phone numbers for your two users (Alice and Bob) where you can receive SMS
  • NB If one of your two Android devices is a tablet, you will still need a second phone number to "pair" with the tablet
  • Create a Bob contact with his phone number in Alice's address book and vice versa
  • Create your Jibe app and get a Jibe App-ID and App-Secret from the Applications page
  • Update your AndroidManifest.xml with the Android package name you entered when creating your app and also update the App-Id there
  • Update the App-Id and App-Secret inside your application code
  • Whitelist your two phone numbers for development on the Device page
Get Started

Quickstart Guide (NEW)

How to build your first Android app with the Jibe SDK  (UPDATED)

SDK Package
  • Arena Player on Google Play
  • Download Client SDK

    Java library - JAR for inclusion into apps

  • Download Docs

    View web version

  • Download Samples

    Examples demonstrating how to use the Jibe SDK. See ViewMe app for a fully integrated sample with data connections + live video.
    Low-latency, peer-to-peer data: DatagramSocketConnection Demo and JibeBundleTransferConnection Demo
    In-app file transfer: FileTransferConnection Demo
    In-app audio/VoIP: LiveAudioConnection Demo
    In-app 1-way video: LiveVideoConnection Demo
    In-app video call: TwoWayLiveVideoConnection Demo (Video + VoIP)
    Check communication capabilities: Capability Check Demo
    Discover which your contacts use a particular app: Friends Discovery Demo

API Docs View API Docs for Jibe's Android SDK
Release Notes

New in (Feb 28, 2013)

  • Audio/Video
    • Further improvements to audio & video quality
  • General
    • Updates to work with latest Arena Player on Google Play which now features "invite to game" and several bug fixes

New in (Jan 15, 2013)

  • Video
    • Improved video quality and incl. bitrate and framerate adaptation in poor network conditions
  • Audio
    • Handsfree mode is now supported on most Android devices.
    • Improved quality of software echo cancellation incl. self-calibration and auto re-tuning during the call duration.
  • Tablets
    • Fixed crashes during sign-up on Wifi-only tablets (e.g. Galaxy Tab 10)
  • General
    • Improved connection stability
    • Status bar notification is now configurable and off by default.

New in

  • Video
    • Improved performance and faster startup
  • Tablets
    • Various bugfixes for the Nexus 7
  • General
    • Many stability enhancements & bugfixes
    • Launcher icon is now visible as "Arena Settings"

New in

  • Video
    • For improved video quality, the video engine has been optimized in Arena to support dynamic bit-rate adaptation for H.264 video. The default video resolution is now 240 x 320 (QVGA) at 15 frames per second; bit-rate range from 64 to 192kbps.
    • CameraMediaSource moved to
    • Received video is now rendered directly to a SurfaceView
    • Known Issues
      • Grey "veil" and green artifacts sometimes seen intermittently under poor network conditions with high packet loss.
  • Audio
    • Dynamic bit-rate adaptation for audio (AMR and AMR-WB)

Since preview release:

  • Network connectivity fixes - esp. for 4G/LTE/WiMax on US networks
  • Video sending/encoding not working on some Android 2.x devices
  • Other minor fixes

Since previous stable (

  • Improved structure of high-level APIs (jibe.sdk.client.simple.*) based on feedback from developers to allow recycling of objects and better alignment with Android Activity lifecycle
  • New simple APIs for checking the current Jibe connection state and retrieving user profile information (jibe.sdk.client.simple.myprofile)
  • More robust sample application featuring a data session + live 2-way video + Jibe Arena integration (see ViewMe demo app)
  • More robust connectivity when devices go into sleep mode
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Created new developer guide